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VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook

2nd Edition
(Nov 2016)

VMware vRealize Orchestrator is a powerful automation tool designed for system administrators and IT operations staff who are planning to streamline their tasks and are waiting to integrate the functions with third-party operations software. This book is an update to VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook and is blend of numerous recipes on vRealize Orchestrator 7.

This book starts with installing and configuring vRealize Orchestrator. We will demonstrate how to upgrade from previous versions to vRealize Orchestrator 7. You will be taught all about orchestrator plugins and how to use and develop various plugins that have been enhanced in Orchestrator 7. Throughout this book, you will explore the new features of Orchestrator 7, such as the introduction of the control center, along with its uses.

You will also come to understand visual programming, how to integrate base plugins into workflows, and how to automate VMware. You will also get to know how to troubleshoot vRealize Orchestrator.

By the end of this book, you will be able to get the most out of your Orchestrator installation, and will be able to develop complex workflows and create your own highly integrated automations of vRealize environments.

  • vRO 7.1, reworked, refocused
  • Configure an optimize vRO installations including vRO Clusters and vRA integrated vRO
  • Design better clustered and distributed vRO solutions
  • Work with vRO more efficient and created better workflows
  • Access vRO workflows using REST, PowerShell and PHP
  • Use all standard plugins such as XML, REST, PowerShell, AD, SQL, SSH, Mail and lotsmore
  • Use additional plugins such as NSX, Horizon, vROPs, Replication and SRM
  •  Integrate and use vRO with vRealize Automation (XaaS and Event Manager)
  • around 140 example workflows and actions (download form packed website)
  • more then 90 recipes

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VMware vRealize Orchestrator Essentials

(Sep 2015)

This book is for VMware vSphere administrators who have minimal experience with automation tools and want to learn how to effectively automate their environment with VMware vRealize Orchestrator. A basic understanding of the VMware vSphere terms and concepts would be helpful.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Orchestrator architecture and explore how plugins can expand Orchestrator's capabilities
  • Deploy and configure the vRealize Orchestrator appliance
  • Schedule and run workflows using the vSphere Web Client
  • Create your own workflows with minimal work
  • Use workflow presentations to improve your automation projects
  • Integrate JavaScript to enhance your workflows
  • Debug your workflows for errors and fix them
  • Learn how to create, import, and export packages, to enable easy exchange solutions with others

Download UPDATE for vRO7 for this book

or from github

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VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook

(Feb 2015)
If you are a VMware administrator who is interested in automating your infrastructure, this book is for you. An understanding of basic programming concepts is advised. No previous knowledge of Orchestrator is required, although some previous knowledge of it will allow you to get started more easily.

  • Install and configure Orchestrator for Windows and Appliance
  • Learn about all the visual programming elements without needing an additional infrastructure
  • Work with plug-ins such as SSH, mail, SQL, PowerShell, AD, SOAP, SNMP, AMQP and REST
  • Discover how to create VMware automation
  • Learn about user management, synchronization as well as packaging applications
  • Understand policies and resources
  • Create web views and work with log files
  • Over 100 Workflows for download
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VMware vCloud Cookbook

(Oct 2013)
The book is aimed at system administrators and technical architects moving from a virtualized environment to cloud environments. Familiarity with cloud computing platforms and some knowledge of virtualization and managing cloud environments is expected.

  • Make VXLANs work
  • Access isolated vApp networks
  • Fence vApps
  • Import and export vApps
  • Customize VMGuest
  • Use PowerShell, PERL and REST to access the vCloud
  • Load-balance vCloud Cells
  • Whats new in vCloud 5.5 and how to use it
  • Improve your vCloud Design
  • Over 80 recipes to help you master VMware vCloud Director.
  • and WAY more..

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VMware View Security Essentials

(July 2013)
This book will show you how to secure your view environment , implement failover loadbalancing and backup to ensure youre productive environment is not only safe but also sound

  • Understand the impact of base vSphere security
  • Setting up loadbalancing a view connection server
  • Acquire a new skill set in troubleshooting security issues
  • Create, use and install SSL certs
  • Pairing View security and transfer severs with View connection servers.
  • Securing your DMZ Secure tunneling your desktop connection with RDP and PCoIP
  • Understanding and securing local mode
  • Blocking of undesirable USB devices
  • Backing up the View infrastructure and restoring it 
  • and lots more

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Instant VMware vCloud Starter

(Feb 2013)
This Book is writen for vCloud beginners to get started on VMware vCloud. It takes you in easy stepps though the installation process and expands into creating and working with your vApps.

  • Understand what the cloud is
  • Install vCloud Director and vCloud Director Appliance
  • Connect your existing vSphere infrastructure to vCloud Director
  • Create organizations and virtual datacenters
  • Create and use vApp templates
  • Use vApp networks to isolate environments
  • Use org networks to connect environments, and enable Firewall and NAT
  • Get information on how to find additional help and support
  • Hands on, real life, configuration of vCloud environments

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