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This workflow allows you to completely read out a property in all its details using vRealize Orchestratior (vRO). The output will be displayed into the logs of the workflow. This workflow is extremly useful for vRealize Automation (vRA)


VersionDateChange updates debug and exclusions
Initial Web published version
0.1.x06.03.16Initial version with CookBook


  • Recursive logging of properties within properties
  • displaying the variable type
  • showing the content of arrays


This workflow will log the content of a property into the logs (System.log). The property can consists of multiple properties in properties as well as arrays. The workflow will also log all system context variables (mostly used with vRA). The input variable debugFlag can be null. If set to false the workflow is not executed. This can be used to make sure that the logging will only work in a debug situtation.


The input variables are:






property to log

(can be NULL)


(optional) If set to false the workflow will exit without doing anything. This property can be null which is the same as true. 

(can be NULL)


(optional)  The exclusion can be any full "path" for the log e.g. /vROPlugins/SSH or even /vROPlugins/* to exclude all properties (or array members) in /vROPlugins


Installation and configuration

  1. Import the vRO package into your vRO appliance

Basic Usage

Just insert the workflow logAllProps into your existing workflow and add the property you would like to log to it. As an example use a vRA EventManager subscription linked to a workflow in vRO. Insert into this workflow the logAllProperty and add the property that the vRA Event Manager provides to logAllProps.    

Package content

This Package contains three workflows:

  • The logAllProbs core workflow
  • The logAllProps program that reads out a VCAC:VirtualMachine and displays its properties as well as its Entities
  • The logAllProps program that reads out a VC:VirtualMachine and displays its properties as well as its Entities
  • and an example workflow

Dowload Links:

The following Software is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which allows you to use, copy, modify and distribute (keeping my name as Author). If you modify the programm,please  let me know and share your ideas. 

TheSoftware is written for vRealize Ochrestrator and works with Version 6.x or better

Download vRealize Orchestrator Package